Kojro/Siwak Tańczymy



The “Miniatures” project is a mixture of Maria Pawlikowska-Jasnorzewska’s poetry with the sound of electronic music. The multimedia spectacle seemed to be a perfect medium for the creators – Kojro/Siwak – to make possible to journey into the world created by the poet. They collaborated with the film duo Kurkot Kollektiv. By connecting music with text, acting and film footage, they created a modern form, which calls to life an alternative form, which emerges from the poet’s creations. The selected poems were illustrated in such a way that they could create a coherent narrative, despite their fragmentary character. Due to the synthetic character and use of multimedia, “Miniatures” ideally inscribe themselves in the contemporary narrative of the world. It turns out that a concise and colloquial language, so characteristic of Jasnorzewska’s poetry, ideally harmonises with the sounds of electronic remixes.

Direction: Kurkot kollektiv
Music: Michał Siwak
Mastering: Marcin Cichy